About Us



By using over 40 years of experience in both motorsports and elite mountain biking. As a company we aim to bring you not only the best performing products available, but also the most environmentally friendly.


Made in New Zealand, to us, means a product of the highest qaulity and value that also goes the extra mile. Think Cactus Clothing and, remember when products from companies like MacPac and Fairydown were made here.


By working with some of the best chemical engineers in New Zealand we feel we have achieved that.


By using biodegradable ingredients, recycled packaging, the best trigger head on the market, making it in NZ, making concentrated product available so we reduce carbon shipping footprint and ensuring our formula has no damaging impact on fork seals, paint, anodising and all the other materials that make up modern bicycles and motorcycles we feel we have achieved that!


We can proudly say our products perform to the highest level, cause less damage to your bike and to the environment.