High Performance Bike Cleaner. Made, tested and developed in Aotearoa. Biodegradeable and in packaging made from recycled materials.

High performance bike cleaner, that's good for your bike and good for the planet!

  • Works hard so you don't have to!

    Born in the Southern Alps of Aotearoa, Filthy is a blend of
    the finest earth moving ingredients known to man.

    Made and extensively tested in New Zealand, by dedicated mud grovellers, Filthy is designed to remove mother natures finest boggy matter, Filthy will get the job done with minimal
    time and energy expelled from the, often exhausted, fun seeker.

    No need to use a bearing wrecking water blaster, simply hose off the chunky stuff, spray on Filthy and wait for 5 minutes (but don't let it dry), hose again with mother natures finest rain drops and walk away.

    To expel the particularly stubborn stuff, a light agitation with a suitable brush may be required.

    Don't forget to lube your chain to prevent rust, then sit back and enjoy a cold one, whilst admiring the fuits of your not so arduous labour!

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